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7 Fashion ideas for looking stunning on every occasion

To feel good, one must look good. Looking attractive is something everyone strives to achieve in their day-to-day lives. To this end, your wardrobe plays a great role in making sure that you look perfect, in addition to being a voice for your wardrobe and letting you stand out. 

The first rule of dressing right is to dress in a manner that is suited to the occasion. Always maintain your personal style or look, but it is important to get it right without overdressing or underdressing. Looking good is a crucial element in feeling good, as your looks reflect your feelings. 

Want to know how to strike the perfect balance in dressing just right for the occasion? Here are a few tips!

1. Get your hair right 

Your look is influenced a lot by the way your hair is done. The finish of a look is achieved by the right hairdo. Getting the hair wrong can destroy the entire look you so carefully put together. You should note that the hair do also needs to suit the occasion. Weddings and fancy parties will require a fancy hair do. Elegant and sophisticated hair styles should be selected for work and formal events. Don’t fuss too much about your hair and give room to comfort when it comes to casual every day set ups with a messy bun or loose hair. Ponytails are another option for girls who like one hair do for all situations. A high ponytail is acceptable for a professional look where as a messy or low pony tail can be used for a daily look. 

2. Quality matters when you purchase your outfit :

Always invest in good quality outfits, specially when you buy clothing items and accessories such as blazers, jeans or bags. These are used on a daily basis for all seasons, hence it’s important to make the most of your purchase. High quality items manage to give an elegant and stylish look to whatever you pair these items with. As they last long, good quality clothing can be definitely termed as an investment. These will also ensure that you have the right clothing for any occasion. 

3. Dress for the weather 

As you pick up your outfit for the day, make sure it’s suitable for the weather conditions. After all, the primary purpose of clothing is to cover ourselves and protect us from the elements. Comfort is of the utmost importance when you choose an outfit. For example, avoid the color white on rainy days. The outfit you choose for a rainy day must be of a material that dries off soon. Your footwear also needs to be appropriate for the weather conditions. Taking the weather into account will make you look good, sun or shine. 

4. Accessories are important :

We all have a soft spot for accessories, but when it comes to accessorizing right, we need to know where to stop. For example, some like statements such as custom wristbands. These are ideal for a casual look but will not be right for a corporate event. Using too many accessories can do a lot of damage to your look. Make sure that the accessories suit your outfit. For example, a wedding outfit will need elegant and minimal accessories. These should highlight the dress and not the other way around. 

5. Classics all the way. 

Some styles never get old. It’s a very good idea to own a few of these timeless classics to uplift your wardrobe. This is considered the last straw in the eternal struggle to find the right dress. If all else fails, you still have the one dress that makes you look fabulous. Classics also make financial sense as they are relevant to every occasion. 

6. The Make-Up:

Clothing compliments your look, but your face is the what makes it a success or a failure. Don’t ever over do the makeup. As with all else, the make up also needs to be right for the occasion. Light foundation and mascara are enough for daily use. Special occasions will need a little more colors. Make up can enhance your beauty, but too much make up can also destroy it. 

7. Shoes all the way! 

 Your look will not be complete without the right shoes. These too, should be right for the occasion and complement the dress. As shoes are a very visible accessory, keep in mind that the right shoes matter and you cannot hide your shoes as they are a key part of your outfit. Also try to go for shoes that are comfortable , as you need to be comfortable to pull off a stylish look. 

These simple pointers will help you look good and stylish every day. Comfort is key in selecting a wardrobe and a look that work for you. You need to develop your own look that is also comfortable in order to be effortlessly chic and stylish. 

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