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DIY technique to de-bloat your face!

Stress is a killer. In addition to messing with your mind, stress can also mess with your face! This is because when you are stressed, your body releases a chemical called cortisol, which messes up your body’s salt levels and increases water retention in the body. This will end up giving you a puffy face. The messed-up stress hormones also lead to blotchiness and redness of the skin, not a great look. 

This is a technique that will help you keep your face safe from the ill effects of stress by calming and debloating it! 

– Unwind; use a candle or some essential oils to create a stress-free environment. Prepare two products: a face moisturiser and an eye cream. It is recommended to keep these in the fridge before use as they help ease inflammation. 

Gently pat the moisturiser all over your face and neck. This will improve the elasticity and texture of the skin. 

Use a bit more cream and massage your face with your fingers in an upward, sweeping motion, directed towards the lymph nodes. This will drain the retained fluids that are causing the inflammation. For increased relief from pressure, massage the temples.  

– Apply the eye cream very gently under and around your eyes. Be very gentle and use your fingertips, as the many nerve endings around the eye region make the area very sensitive. Follow with slow circular motions around the eye, holding pressure points around the eye sockets. This increases circulation and lifts the eyes. Using the eye cream will also reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy eyes. 

So, the next time stress bothers you, breathe deeply and take five minutes for a DIY face massage that will help you get back to a stress-free state.

DIY tricks to get rid of puffiness on your face!

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