Can you actually brush Too Much? ​You won’t believe the answer

Did you know that being too enthusiastic about brushing your teeth can erode your tooth enamel and gum tissue? You run the risk of eroding your teeth, especially if you use a hard tooth brush. A soft tooth brush used gently in a circular motion can clean your teeth quite effectively. The general back-and-forth motion is considered too harsh. 

If you are using an electric tooth brush, you shouldn’t brush at all. As the toothbrush rotates the bristles, you simply need to gently glide it along your teeth. Trying to actually “brush” with an electric toothbrush will increase the pressure on the teeth and harm your gums and enamel. Also, brushing too hard won’t make your teeth any whiter. 

Longer brushing times do not make your oral health any better. Make sure to limit your brushing time to two minutes or less, twice or three times a day. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every three months, as frayed bristles can harm your gums! 

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